Jan. 14, 2022

Earthquakes and Tax Refunds

Earthquakes and Tax Refunds

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Today is National Gluten-Free Day when we raise awareness of those among us who suffer harmful physical irreparable damage to the lower intestine if they ingest gluten.   |

The United States Geological Survey reported 12 earthquakes in the lower 48 states and Alaska.   |

On this day in 1915 Earthquake in Avezzano, Italy killed 29,800 people.   |

AND on this day in 2001 Earthquake measuring magnitude 7.6 strikes El Salvador, killing more than 840 people.   |

Born on this day in 1898 Kaj Munk, Danish playwright and Lutheran pastor.   |

In economic news of the great state of Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports today in an article by James Salzar, Awash in revenue, Kemp gives Georgia lawmakers his expensive 2022 wish list.