Oct. 27, 2021

Mort Sahl

Mort Sahl

For you moon-watchers out there, we have a Waning Gibbous moon in the sky tonight.  We’ll be at the third quarter moon in just two days, October 28.

Today is National Mincemeat Day, and I know mincemeat as a pie filling because dad really liked it, and his mother made it on holidays.  I haven’t tasted it in probably 50 years.  It’s not exactly one of the delights on the menu at McDonalds.

Died on this day in 2021, that’s today, Canadian-born American comedian, actor, and social satirist, Mort Sahl, considered the first modern comedian since Will Rogers.  He was 94.

Question #144. What kinds of things do you like to cook or are good at cooking?